Economic Impact

The Northern Pass project is designed to strengthen New England's economy by lowering the cost of energy and providing a foundation for long-term economic growth.

In addition to benefits shared by the region, New Hampshire in particular will benefit from this project in the form of 1,200 good-paying jobs over the construction period, approximately $28 million a year in new property tax revenues to support schools and public services, and $259 - $316 million in increased economic output during the development and construction phases of the project.

PSNH is also negotiating a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Hydro Renewable Energy Inc. (a U.S. corporation that is owned by Hydro-Québec) to directly purchase a specific portion of the energy at an economic price so that New Hampshire customers can receive more benefits as a result of this project.

In our meetings with the public and individual landowners, some people have voiced concerns that this project could have a negative impact on tourism and property values. For more information on these important topics, please visit our FAQs section. In depth, independent studies of these issues are being conducted by local, reputable experts to provide the public with more detailed and specific information on these issues.

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