Energize NH's Future

The Northern Pass is an investment in reliable, renewable, low-cost hydropower. It's also an investment in New Hampshire's future.

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Economic Impact

The Northern Pass is a $1.4 billion project that will not only put New Hampshire people to work now, but will also generate significant tax revenues for local communities and energy cost savings for customers.

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Benefits to NH

The Northern Pass will introduce an abundant new source of renewable hydroelectric energy into New Hampshire and New England, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and be an economic boon for New Hampshire.

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The Northern Pass has worked closely over the past two years with New Hampshire communities, particularly in the North Country, to develop a new proposed route for the clean, hydroelectric energy project.

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Clean Energy

Green hydropower will reduce local carbon dioxide emissions by up to 5 million tons a year. Learn More



Approximately 1,200 New Hampshire jobs will be created during construction. Learn More


Benefits to NH

Northern Pass will bring many economic and environmental benefits to NH. Learn More.

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