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A Nice Boon to the Area

Scott Labnon, owner of the Town & Country Inn and Resort in Shelburne, has seen his family business benefit from large construction projects. Listen as he shares how a project as large as the Northern Pass would boost local areas.

We Have to Diversify a Little

For more than 200 years, the Minot family has made their living on a 450-acre farm in Bath, New Hampshire. Here, owner William Minot talks about living and working on land shared by high-power transmission lines and the benefits he sees from them.

A Transition to Something New

Jules Rancourt, of Kate & Jen's Sugar Shack, talks here about how an agreement with Northern Pass has allowed him to expand his maple sugaring business.

It's Great for the Economy

North Country businesses benefit greatly from large-scale construction projects, especially lodging. Rita Dube of Milan has welcomed a steady stream of construction workers over the years at her B&B & is excited to do the same for Northern Pass workers.

As Clean as You're Gonna Get: Northern Pass

Emile St. Claire visited a Northern Pass open house in Deerfield and left a supporter of the project. Here he talks about the importance of having a new source of clean, affordable energy. St. Claire also talks about Northern Pass view impacts.

More Upside for NH

Businessman John Guertin has done it all. This former construction worker now owns several inns, including Woodwards Resort in Lincoln and Royalty Inn in Gorham. He's seen first hand what a major project like Northern Pass can do to lift a region.

Regaining a Foothold in NH

North Country inside wireman (IBEW Local 490) Michael Bennett shares his thoughts on how Northern Pass will create much needed jobs in the region and give tourists new opportunities to experience the beauty of the New Hampshire.

Change is a Good Thing

Jon Cunningham, owner of Cunningham Logging LLC in Colebrook, talks about how the Northern Pass will bring jobs to the community and give the North Country an economic boost.

A Very Clean Way to Get It

Deerfield resident Missy Perron talks about living on land that abuts existing power lines and the need to balance the region's energy and environmental needs.

Leaning More Towards It

We met Kevin Auger at the open house in Franklin, New Hampshire. After spending some time at the different exhibits, he told us what he thought about the project’s benefits.

It All Ties Together

Ken Gowen is an inside wireman for IBEW Local 490. He thinks people should consider the fact that the vast majority of the project will be built in existing rights-of-way by local NH workers.

The Most Sensible Way to Go

Landon Placey is a small business owner from Stewartstown. Here, he discusses why he’s enthusiastic about clean, inexpensive hydropower.

Putting NH Apprentices to Work

Jason Lauze runs the apprenticeship program for IBEW LOCAL 104. Here, he discusses the opportunities for training, and how Northern Pass will help put NH apprentices to work.

All in New Hampshire

Jason Bentley is a journeyman lineman for IBEW Local 104. He’s worked on projects like Northern Pass before and talks about the kinds of projects like Northern Pass before and talks about the kinds of jobs we’ll see here in New Hampshire.

A Perfect Fit

North Conway’s Ray Berthiaume is a forester for Wagner Forest Management. Here he discusses why Northern Pass is a perfect fit for managing forest properties.

Power that We All Need

We caught up with former State Senator Bob Letourneau at the DOE meeting in Concord. Here he discusses the need for energy to power our future.

A Rare Win-Win

Ken Rhodes talks about why Northern Pass is a rare win-win in that we need to take advantage of. Ken is a former nuclear engineer and currently VP at an engineering firm that has worked extensively on major infrastructure projects across NH and New England.

Making Sure They Have a Future

Scott Lamont discusses the opportunities Northern Pass brings and why clean energy is important for future generations. Scott is from Bedford and vice president of T&D at Harlan Electric.

Good Answers to Our Questions

In this video, Bethlehem’s Dave Tellman discusses his experience at the Northern Pass open house in Lancaster.

This is One Way to Do It

We met Gorham resident Frank Borowski at the Lancaster open house. In this video, he talks about the need for tax revenue and development in the region.

That’s Pretty Important in My View

In this video, life-long Stark resident Everett Frizzell discusses the importance of Canadian hydropower as a renewable energy resource.

Helping Townships that are Struggling

North Country resident Bob Rodrigue discusses what he learned at the recent Northern Pass open house in Millsfield.

It Just Makes Sense

We met Mike Wolfe at the open house in Concord. Here are his thoughts on why Northern Pass is needed.

An Opportunity to Train Young NH Workers

IBEW’s Tyler Eaton spoke to us at last week’s open house in Concord. Here is what he had to say about how Northern Pass is a good opportunity to train young NH workers.